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November 2017

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I Wish Teachers Knew...


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Just Say No To Weekly Spelling Tests


Just say no to weekly spelling tests
by Laura Busby

Every Friday, as far back as I can remember, I had to take weekly spelling tests.

A list of spelling words would come home on Monday. We were expected to practice the words in different activities, and then take a test on those words at the end of the week.

I don't ever remember getting 100% on any spelling test. Usually, my tests would bleed red from errors, and my grades would regularly fall in the 60% or less range.

Many people would say, "Well, you just needed to practice more." I did practice. I practiced a lot. I
always did my homework and, usually, I would do extra work to practice more. Despite my efforts,
however, I would still fail.

I would fail because I am dyslexic, which means I do not have a strong visual memory for words.

It did not matter that I wrote each word 10 times, used them in sentences, wrote all the diacritic marks, or made flashcards and drilled in every spare moment.

When it came time for the spelling test on Friday, I would not be able to remember the way most of the words were spelled and I would fail the test.

I can't tell you how damaging this was to my self-esteem.

I regularly came up with ways to hide my
horrid spelling abilities from the people around me. My handwriting gradually got messier and messier,
because if the words were illegible, no one could tell I misspelled them.

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10 Facts About Dyslexia


10 Facts You Need To Know About Dyslexia

Video from Made By Dyslexia

Their Connect The Dots report shares some of these key points -- supported by research quoted in their report.

  • It's time we all understand dyslexia properly as a different thinking skill set, not a disadvantage.
  • Dyslexic thinking has many advantages. If identified and supported, inspired and encouraged, people with dyslexia can achieve amazing things.
  • We want to level the playing field so all dyslexics can succeed.

To see the entire report, click here.

Barton Students With IEPs


Susan Barton holds Facebook Live Video Chats to share important information. Each is 6 to 7 minutes, and the response has been terrific. Since they were recorded, you can watch them now  even if you do not use Facebook.

Chat #17Barton Students With IEPs

Other popular chats include:

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Improvement Was So Swift


His improvement has been so swift

It is amazing how quickly students improve once they get the right type of tutoring, as this parent shared: 

As a toddler, Zach had delayed speech and trouble learning letters and words at a pace similar to his peers. After being screened by his public school in Kindergarten, he received reading intervention during his school day.

After school, he went through vision therapy and auditory therapy from first to third grade. At the end of those therapies, his eye doctor shared that Zach showed great improvements in all categories -- except dyslexia.

At the time, we did not understand dyslexia and assumed Zach simply had difficulty transposing letters and numbers. Yet the school's continuing reading intervention did not close the gap.

As a result, in fourth grade, Zach hit a wall and behavior issues emerged including frustration, anger and avoidance of anything related to school or structured learning.

So we homeschooled Zach during fifth grade, but it did not help. He had the same behavior issues and the same academic challenges.

At our wit's end, we finally got an IEE last October, which diagnosed Zach with dyslexia.

So Zach started working with Brook Euler, a local Certified Barton Tutor. Zach has almost finished Level 6 and he is now having great success in anything school related.

He started sixth grade in public school this past August. This first marking period, he received straight A's and shows all the signs of having potential for great success in his future endeavors.

We don't understand the Barton Reading & Spelling System, but it has been the key to unlocking Zach's ability to accurately read and spell written words, and therefore, to comprehend what he reads.

For Zach, his improvement has been amazingly swift. He is now able to realize his full potential, and most importantly, he knows it.

Bob and Susan Kline, parents
Camp Hill, PA

Not Just A Reading Disability


My dyslexia is not just a reading disability
by Leslie Templeton

I have never been one to hide my dyslexia. Within 10 minutes of meeting me, you will probably learn I am dyslexic.

Dyslexia has given me many, many gifts; however, it's also something I have struggled with.

One of the reasons dyslexia is so hard to deal with is because it has a stereotype that only my reading is affected. This isn't true at all, though. My language, motor skills, comprehension, and memory are affected just as much as my reading.

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For Barton Tutors


International Dyslexia Conference

November 8 to 11 in Atlanta, GA

Sadly, Susan Barton will not be at this conference the first one she has missed in 20 years.

But Whizzimo will be there. To see a live demonstration of their Remote Barton Tutoring system, go to booth # 603.

Or you can learn about Whizzimo's Remote Barton Tutoring system now by clicking here.

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