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June 2017

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Myths And Facts

The 3 Dyslexic Guys Behind Dreamworks

I Homeschooled
My Severely Dyslexic Son

Identify Dyslexia

Advice To My Younger Self

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Myths And Facts


Thank you, California Speech and Hearing Association, for sharing this great graphic. Sadly, I do not know who created it.

The 3 Dyslexic Guys Behind Dreamworks


The 3 dyslexic guys behind Dreamworks
y Dyslexic Advantage

Dreamworks is one of the most successful film studios in Hollywood history. It was started in 1994 by media moguls Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen (together SKG) to make a live action film and animation studio. Now we know it could also be called DyslexiaWorks.

To learn their amazing stories, click here.


I Homeschooled My Severely Dyslexic Son


I homeschooled my severely dyslexic son
by Michelle Chambra

I just had to share a success story with people who will understand what it means.

My son is severely dyslexic and was not diagnosed until he was almost 11. At that point, he could not even write simple sentences, and I was homeschooling him.

We just completed Level 10 of the Barton Reading & Spelling System in March.

David is in 9th grade and is taking three courses at the local community college as a concurrent enrollment student: World History, Biology, and Psychology. It has been a challenging semester, but the school has been wonderful about providing accommodations and most professors have been supportive.

He's doing well in all his classes, but today was a special success. David brought home his research paper for history -- the first research paper he's ever had to write, and it required many primary and secondary sources.

He earned 98/100 points!!!

I just about fell over!

I am so proud of his hard work and so thankful for the Barton System and for a school and teachers who are willing to provide needed accommodations. It just shows you what our students can do when they are given what they need.

I hope this encourages some of you who are just beginning this journey.

Michelle Chambra, former homeschool parent
now a Certified Barton Tutor
Redwood City, CA

Identify Dyslexia


Dyslexia can be identified
from Decoding Dyslexia - Utah

"The five-year-old who can't quite learn his letters becomes the six-year- old who can't match sounds to letters and the fourteen-year-old who dreads reading out loud and the twenty-one-year-old who reads excruciatingly slowly. The threads persist throughout a person's life. But, with early intervention, this scenario doesn't need to happen."
            The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity

A new movement has just started called Identifying Dyslexia.

Watch their excellent trailer that tells it like it is for far too many of our bright dyslexic children in public schools.

We all need to support this new movement.


Advice To My Younger Self


Advice to my younger self
by Henry Winkler

Fabulous !!!

New Video


Susan Barton holds Facebook Live Video Chats to share important information. Each is 6 to 7 minutes, and the response has been terrific. Since they were recorded, you can watch them now even if you do not use Facebook.

Chat #15How To Find Your Child's Gifted Areas

Other popular chats include:

Chat #13: Tutoring During The Summer

Chat #11: Should I Tell My Child?

Chat #4How To Stop The Guessing Habit

To view all of Susan Barton's video chats, click here.


For Barton Tutors


New Online Tutoring Option

Online tutoring is a great way to continue Barton tutoring if you, or your student, will be in a different location for the summer.  It's also a great way to offer tutoring to students who are too far away to come to your office or who have moved to a different state.

Barton tutors have offered tutoring online for years using the remote tutoring system created by Tim and Evelyn Smith. 

Now Whizzimo has created a Barton online tutoring option that looks and acts very much like our  popular Barton Tiles App.  Click here to watch their demo video and to learn more about this new option.

So Barton Tutors now have two online tutoring systems. The original one by Tim and Evelyn Smith will continue to be offered and supported.  Plus this new one from Whizzimo.

Parents, if you would like a list of Certified Barton Tutors who already offer online tutoring, click here. 

Or if you would like a list of local Certified Barton Tutors, click here.

Certification Dates

Advanced Certification: June 10

Beginning Certification: June 24 or June 25

For details, or to register, click here.


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